Charles de Freitas

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DevOps Engineer - Automating all the things 🤖


  1. AWS Cost optimisation and monitoring.
  2. Migration of low latency applications to containerised (OCI format) deployments.
  3. Automated access control across hybrid cloud and collocated servers. Using Ansible to configure role based access control, during the creation of machine images and against live systems.
  4. Immutable infrastructure approach to security updates - Using Packer for AWS AMI generation of a standardized Golden AMI
  5. Building an auto scaling CI/CD environment using Terraform to provision: infrastructure, networking and access policies. Templating AMIs for executing Builds with specific tool chains.
  1. Developing a SaaS solution - incorporating a Java, Golang and React stack
  2. Designing and implementing CI/CD for all components of the SaaS solution
  1. Delivering training to 500+ 10-17 year olds, introducing them to a range of current cyber-security topics.
  2. Facilitating lab activities and acting as point of contact with guest speakers.


Computer Science:
  1. 76% Masters Project - An Extensible Framework For Portable And Distributed Packet Capture
  2. 87% Computer Security
  3. 84% Team Project (Game development)
  4. 74% Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
  5. 73% Computer Systems and Architecture
  6. 72% Computational Vision
  7. 71% Intelligent Robotics
  1. A Computer Science
  2. A Mathematics
  3. B Further Maths
9 GCSEs grade A-C, including Maths and English


Terraform Docker Git Ansible Kubernetes
Golang Java Python
Linux Networking Automation & Provisioning AWS GCP Bash
HTML CSS Javascript React GatsbyJS


  1. Helping to plan and organise an in person 24 hour hackathon with 250+ attendees.
  2. In 2020 moving online with over 700 attendees.
  3. Organisation of guest speakers across the extended online event.
  4. Tech lead for software developed to improve engagement at an online event.
  5. Company bookkeeping.
  1. Designed and built a cloud based platform to provide easy access to developer tools.
  2. Gave a workshop on the basics of web scraping.
  1. Developed a suite of bots for Discord to improve management and engagement at an online event.